Never Forgotten

I’m getting better at coping with your absence. Not living, merely surviving.

People say things like “I can forgive, but never forget“. I call bull on that one. If you never forget, it means the thorn, the grudge, the pain, remains within you.That means you will never truly, completely forgive. It is just lying dormant till the next spark sets you off.

I don’t think we have, and neither will we ever, truly forgive ourselves, you and I. At what point in our lives will we let go of the past and let our paths crossed once more?

I’ll be waiting, always and forever.


Sometimes, when you don’t see or hear from a person you can’t get out of your head, your mind builds them up into this perfect, God-like being and places them on a pedestal, and you feel so strongly in your heart that they are The One that got away. In reality though, everyone is flawed and everyone changes, for better or worse.

I wish I knew if and how you have changed, then I can put my feelings into place accordingly. Do I hope that you’ve become a bitter, hard-hearted monster? Or that you are more open-minded and less intense now? Even if we cannot be together in this life, I truly hope you are the latter, so that in my mind you are still close to perfect.


For You

Take me back into the arms I love
Need me like you did before
Touch me once again
And remember when there was no one that you wanted more

I’ll be waiting for you
Here inside my heart

See me as if you never knew
Hold me so you can’t let go
Just believe in me
I will make you see
All the things that your heart needs to know

And some way all the love that we had can be saved
Whatever it takes we’ll find a way

Believe me
I will make you see
All the things that your heart needs to know

I’ll be waiting for you
Here inside my heart

The Weekend That Was: Of Cheesecakes and Pork Chops

Hello, my silent readers,  how was your weekend?

I spent mine cooking and singing and watching movies on my computer. Does that sound sad? It’s not. I relished the load of me-time and couldn’t stop counting the hours I had left till the weekend ended.

Made a steamed lemon cheese cake, whipping up the egg whites by hand because I didn’t feel like messing up my hand mixer. Lazy but not lazy. My arms nearly fell off, but the soft peaks of the egg whites were so gratifying, and supposedly, whipping by hand gave the cake more personality. Yeah, right!

Made two kinds of pork chops (cayenne-rubbed and chinese five-spice-rubbed) because I couldn’t stand having the pork loin staring out at me from the freezer any longer. Suffice to say, I had a spankin’ lunch and dinner!

I have just one more weekend that is all mine, before my Sunday Escapades commence in Mid-July, so I’m off to search for the next great oven-less recipe to tinker with. Ciao!

Love The One You’re With?

Feeling silly and guilt-ridden. There I was, spending most of my time missing someone who seems comfortable cutting all ties, when the one who had been patiently loving and caring for me despite my insane shortcomings was right in front of me.

But there’s one thing I really don’t understand. Why the drastic measure to delete your entire Facebook account? Most people, if they are sick and tired of FB, they just stop logging in. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but something’s up. Or maybe you just decided to set up a new account, one that does not have me in it.

Guess it’s true what they say – Love the one you’re with. It’s time to let go…. isn’t it?