Since the dawn of online shopping, I have been a frequent customer of Amazon, blogshops and then Gmarket, which is now called Qoo10.

I have been a member of Qoo10 Singapore for maybe 4 years now, and bought countless items be it apparel, accessories, skincare, cosmetics, household items, gifts, and stupidly, even dietary supplements. So far I have not had any major issues from them and even when there are disputes with sellers over wrong/missing/faulty items, the Qoo10 customer service team always successfully mediates to a resolution.

Until now. Recently, I had purchased 2 clutch wallets in pastel colors from a seller in Qoo10 called GOLDEN EGG. However, the parcel I received contained one very ugly wallet, a completely different design which was not even shown on Golden Egg’s catalogue.

I thought, oh well, maybe they mixed up my order with another buyer (with terrible tastes), so I sent them an inquiry to let them know so they could send me the correct items.

Initially they were apologetic and asked me to return the wrong wallet via NORMAL MAIL. This became a crucial mistake on their part. I willingly send off the wallet via normal mail as instructed, which means put in an envelope, address and stamps and dump into the postbox.

After that, GOLDEN EGG asked me for a receipt. If you are following what I’m saying, you would immediately realize: How would there be a receipt for normal mail?

Exactly. But after I reminded them of this, GOLDEN EGG insisted, and I quote, “we will refund to you after we receive your picture of the invoice”

So, they have decided they will not send me the correct items after all, but will also not refund me until they see an invoice which does not exist.

I did not want to keep arguing with these thick-headed morons, so I forwarded it to Qoo10 CS team for help. But not only were they not able to help me, but for a week they repeatedly came back to me asking for a receipt on behalf of that UNETHICAL GOLDEN EGG.

After attempting to reiterate and nicely explain to the Qoo10 idiots, their last reply sent me right over the edge. I will copy and paste this joke of a reply here:

Dear. Customer

As we have contacted with the seller, seller want you to return the item. Kindly follow the instruction below.

Recipient: goldenegg / Gan y***f*** ( 8*0*7*43)

Address: return to : #1*-18,BLK 5*1 bedok north ave 2 , street 3 , singapore S460501

Go to nearest Singpost office and return the wrong item to seller’s address. Kindly use Registered mail.

Take a picture of the parcel which shows the address part on the packet

Take a picture of the receipt which shows the amount paid for delivery

Kindly reply to us with shipping information with two pictures requested above.

The amount you paid for the delivery will also refunded after we inspect the pictures of receipt and packet.

This above, ONE WEEK AFTER I MAILED THE BLOODY THING OUT. What the hell do they expect me to do, even the post office won’t have a record of it since it’s a normal mail.

I’m seriously pissed. Both Qoo10 and Golden Egg would rather get into legal trouble and also lose a VIP member than to just own up their mistake and take responsibility by refunding a measly $20++. If that is not stupidity in the highest degree, I don’t know what is. They are messing with the wrong customer. The money is just small change to me, but as a good consumer, I will not let them cheat me of a single cent.

If the above is too much for you to follow, here’s the summary:

  1.  I ordered 2 wallet clutches from Golden Egg, a seller in Qoo10 Singapore online marketplace.
  2. I received 1 wallet in a different design. It is ugly and I would not even be caught dead using it.
  3. I informed Golden Egg, they asked me to please return it by normal mail.
  4. Right away, I followed their instruction and sent it out via normal mail, i.e. not registered.
  5. I informed Golden Egg that I will be travelling soon and could they please send me the 2 clutches I ordered?
  6. Golden Egg replied that they will refund me once they see a picture of the receipt.
  7. I informed them that there is no receipt for sending normal mail.
  8. Golden Egg replied again that they will refund me once they see a picture of the receipt. This is the first sign that indicated to me this seller is irresponsible, hopeless and selectively illiterate.
  9. I reminded them again that there is no invoice for sending normal mail, and they should not punish their customers for their (seller’s) own mistakes.
  10. I gave up liaising with them, and also they did not reply anymore.
  11. I turned to the Qoo10 Customer Service team who is responsible for mediating such cases, and showed them the conversation with the seller. They told me they will contact the seller and look into it.
  12. Qoo10 came back, asking me for the receipt.
  13. I explained to them clearly about the whole concept of normal mail.
  14. Qoo10 replied, asking me for the receipt. This indicated to me that Qoo10 CS team is also made up of idiots.
  15. Patience running low, but I still replied nicely but firmly that there is no receipt.
  16. Qoo10 replied giving me a step-by-step on how to mail out the wrong item and get the receipt. A tad too late for that, don’t you think?
  17. I replied telling them it is too late.
  18. Qoo10 replied, “Okay. May we have the receipt?This completely proved that they may have been handling this case while their eyes were glued to a screen watching Spongebob or something equally mindless.
  19. I replied, praying it was the last time, and wrote in point-form about normal mail and non-existent receipts. I also informed them that I don’t mind bringing this to court. There SHOULD be a court for this, right? If not for the CHEATING then for their stupidity. It HAS to be a crime for people to be voluntarily stupid.
  20. Waiting for their next, hopefully sane, reply.

The Weekend That Was (28-30 Aug 2015)

Because my weekends start on Fridays!


Our team at the office had our first official Monthly Huddle which is essentially a potluck and some games just to bring all us busy bees together. Since it started at 4pm, we all brought teatime stuff like snacks, pastries… and wine. I had my first taste of Korean rice wine that a colleague had brought as was excited for me to try. I did not like it at all. >.< It was very much an acquired taste, especially for a mostly teetotaler like me. Someone brought vodka jello shots, his first attempt, and it was awesome. I had 3.

For games, we played Charades. The event organizer (and also the one who brought the aforementioned rice wine) hosted the game and the rest of us split into 2 teams based on which side of the row of cabinets we were already standing on. I’d just call ours Team A and the other, Team B. We didn’t do as well as Team B the first round, but despite all the alcohol burning inside me, I was surprisingly quick in firing correct answers, leading Team A to an ultimate landslide win.

The topics were Movies, Sports, Body Parts (!) and Miscellaneous.

Some of my answers that I can recall include Finding Nemo, Dessert Fork, Armpit, Nostril Hair (Ugh!), Liver and Fast & Furious.

Nobody wanted to act out the Body Parts section so my boss sportingly stepped up, only to find he had to act out unclassy bits like Nipple Ring and the parts I mentioned above. Haha!

The word I had to act out was Nike which was the very last round, and I simply pointed my right thumb and forefinger to make it look like a tick, and my teammate got it! Man, I love winning. Who doesn’t? Duh..

That was my highlight for Friday. I went home and ordered the new Korean crispy spicy wings from KFC for my dinner.


I made a to-do list on my phone’s ColorNote app a week ago as I had so much I wanted to get done but kept putting off. So I set the deadline to end Aug. This forced motivated me to get a move on and I’m so pleased to say that I have accomplished my little goals.

One of them was to sort out all my 12 giant storage containers of stuff. These were the things that came with me when I moved to my current place last Nov, and since then, most of the things are still in the containers. I had sorted them out before back in March, but it was more of regrouping and repacking things instead of actually clearing out things. This time, I made myself discard several old handbags/clutches that were growing mouldy in storage, but not before savaging all the hardware and metal findings which I could use for crafts.

I spent a total of 7 back-breaking hours cleaning, sorting, packing and heavy-lifting, and I ended up with multiple scratches and lesions but I felt to relieved and at peace after that, knowing all my things are organized into properly numbered and labeled containers. I also indexed my entire book collection. OCD much?

The other items on my to-do list were to finish up and submit my Family Vacation photobook for printing, which I had to design from scratch, and to post 3 new entries to my food review blog. I completed everything. Yay me! See what difference a to-do list makes? It keeps you on track of things!


Day of rest… or is it? We spent the most part of it being out, jostling the crowds at Orchard Road, all because I had to use up $200 worth of gift cards given by my company last year and expiring soon. It sounds like a dream, free money. But it was not. It was completely stressful having to find something to buy at that particular department store, Tangs. The past 3 months I had gone to Tangs almost every week but came back empty-handed and annoyed. This time, by hook or by crook, I wanted to get it over and done with. After going around the Home section and finding absolutely nothing that I needed/costs less than $500. Then, I spent almost 2 hours browsing and trying on dresses until I finally couldn’t take it anymore and just settled for a blouse and a LBD with a skinny gold belt. The dress was lovely, but was it worth $109? I would not even have glanced at it if I was paying out of my pocket.

Worn out from that and other shopping, we went for a high tea at Paul, a French bakery and café. An Iced Lemon Tea and a too-sweet Lemon Cream and Meringue Tart later, we just went over to Takashimaya and bought a few things home for dinner. We were home by 8pm. Getting old, seriously. I had a simple dinner of crusty batard and kaya, followed by some roast chicken leftover from our dim sum brunch earlier. The best things in life don’t have to be expensive and luxurious.

Back to the dreadful grind of Monday…

On another note, SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA TO MY BELOVED HOME COUNTRY, MALAYSIA! Let no DIRT mar your beauty and peace. Stay BERSIH! <3

The Weekend That Was (28-30 Aug 2015)

Hand in Hand

Today, for some reason, A was adamant to hold my hand the entire commute (until I finally got a seat). This deserved a special mention because it is… unusual.

Also unusual was our not-grumpy-sulky-morning-selves. It was nice.

I have long reluctantly accepted that the lovey-dovey phase of relationships ends somehow, sometime, inevitably. But it’s good to know we were not a completely lost cause.

I just hope this good feelings last.

Hand in Hand


Much time has passed since the last post, and I kept telling myself I need to type stuff out when something happens, but in the end I just got caught up with the other million more urgent things.

Last weekend, I was working on a family vacation photobook and had to look for some details of trips that took place more than 10 years ago! I did not find it, but I did come across my blog archive thankfully backed up from my now-obsolete Tabulas account. Seriously, I am so eternally grateful to the powers that be that I did not lose years of my blogging history! As I perused a few of the earliest pages, I felt so pleased with HOW MUICH and HOW OFTEN I blogged, about my life then, classes and studies (I don’t know what most of those scientific terms meant now!), feelings and relationship woes (oh, the turmoil and drama!) and trivial things like what I ate and what movies I watched. In a way, I could reflect and know myself again. The past few years I have just been so lost emotionally, with uncertainties over the tiniest, most basic things. I vowed to write more, although I doubt I would be able to squeeze out enough time every day to do this.

Today’s happenings:

On travel

Singapore has declared Polling Day on Sep 11 (how auspicious.) But since it doesn’t involve me as a non-citizen, I am just happy that it is a public holiday!

Right away I decided I will fly to KL to join my parents who will be there for one of dad’s alumni dinners. It will be incredibly rushed, flying in on a Fri morning and back on Sunday afternoon. But get this, after a frenzy with several tabs open to different “low-cost” airlines sites to compare prices where most of them were absolutely NOT low-cost, I thought, why don’t I just check Malaysia Airlines just for fun? And it turned out that MAS was cheaper, and there were so many flights to/from Singapore every day since it’s the national carrier. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) I snapped up my tickets right away, at the same time Whatsapp-ing my family about the logistics with my other hand.

This means I will be travelling to Malaysia 3 out of the 4 weekends in Sep:

– First weekend: Monthly trip to Johor to check on my house and also to meet my folks.

– Third weekend: Aforementioned KL trip, which is to celebrate mum’s birthday just a few days in advanced, and to check out my bro’s swanky new pad.

– Fourth weekend: Trip back to my hometown, Ipoh, taking advantage of the Hari Raya Haji public holiday and extending my stay to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival – mooncake party!!

Someone is not crazy about my mad travel schedule, but I’m fine with it. Not much packing to do since I’ve learnt the art of packing light (so there’s lots of room for shopping!)

On to the less joyous stuff:

Coinciding with the scary, dreaded Seventh Month (Hungry Ghost Month for the Chinese)

– My best friend’s grandmother passed away after a minor stroke.

– My colleague’s father passed away after years of illness, then came back to live for a few hours after being declared dead, then finally passed away for real.

– Another colleague’s uncle passed away just hours before the above.

– A’s father got into a motorcycle accident with some facial injuries, but luckily not serious.

It frightens me how close all these morbid things are coming to me, and I just pray and pray that my loved ones remain healthy and safe at all times.

On food:

The three of us (Saj, Mat and I) went for an unusually fancy lunch today at Rookery. As it is a Wed, we are usually slumming it out at foodcourts.

The food was pretty good and presented nicely, but the flavours were a bit homey. That’s not a bad thing, but if it’s gonna cost $20 for a small portion of jerk chicken, it needed to taste miles better than what I whip up at home. The guys were pleased with their food, so it looks like we’ll be returning!

On work:

Yes, food above work, always. Heh. Work is as usual, more chaotic today getting pulled 9 different directions with everyone needing help with something or other. I stood for an hour next to my colleague, guiding her step by step on submitting her travel expenses. It is an unrewarding job, unless you count the numerous thank-yous as rewards. I don’t.


Searching for my flashlight

So I’ve watched Pitch Perfect 2 several times now. The funny thing was, it seemed like he enjoyed it more than I did!

There’s this song I can’t get out of my mind…you know the one. Straight up, I’m  gonna say the Bellas sang it better than Jessie J.

When tomorrow comes
I’ll be on my own
Feeling frightened of
The things that I don’t know
When tomorrow comes
Tomorrow comes
Tomorrow comes

And though the road is long
I look up to the sky
And In the dark I found, I stop and I won’t fly
And I sing along, I sing along, then I sing along

I got all I need when I got you and I
I look around me, and see sweet life
I’m stuck in the dark but you’re my flashlight
You’re gettin’ me, gettin’ me through the night
Can’t stop my heart when you shinin’ in my eyes
I can’t lie, it’s a sweet life
I’m stuck in the dark but you’re my flashlight
You’re gettin’ me, gettin’ me through the night
Cause you’re my flash light
You’re my flash light, you’re my flash light

I see the shadows long beneath the mountain top
I’m not afraid when the rain won’t stop
Cause you light the way
You light the way, you light the way…

~ My favourite parts of Flashlight ~

Searching for my flashlight

Never Forgotten

I’m getting better at coping with your absence. Not living, merely surviving.

People say things like “I can forgive, but never forget“. I call bull on that one. If you never forget, it means the thorn, the grudge, the pain, remains within you.That means you will never truly, completely forgive. It is just lying dormant till the next spark sets you off.

I don’t think we have, and neither will we ever, truly forgive ourselves, you and I. At what point in our lives will we let go of the past and let our paths crossed once more?

I’ll be waiting, always and forever.

Never Forgotten


Sometimes, when you don’t see or hear from a person you can’t get out of your head, your mind builds them up into this perfect, God-like being and places them on a pedestal, and you feel so strongly in your heart that they are The One that got away. In reality though, everyone is flawed and everyone changes, for better or worse.

I wish I knew if and how you have changed, then I can put my feelings into place accordingly. Do I hope that you’ve become a bitter, hard-hearted monster? Or that you are more open-minded and less intense now? Even if we cannot be together in this life, I truly hope you are the latter, so that in my mind you are still close to perfect.